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Laundry Love 

Little Read Wagon is present at Laundry Love events at eight locations across the OKC metro area, providing story time and books to children attending the wash event with their family members.  Each child gets to take home one book each time from LRW, and supplies permitting we will have reading glasses to share.  LRW is present at every Norman Laundry Love event at Sooner Wash (1325 E. Lindsey Street).  Check our Facebook page for an updated Laundry Love event schedule.

Homeless Outreach

In partnership with Ice Angels of Mosaic United Methodist Church OKC, LRW is present at their homeless outreach events on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of each month with books and reading glasses (supplies permitting).  For more information on these events, visit Ice Angels' Facebook page.



LRW hides books in area parks for kids to find and keep.  If you find one of our books, please take a picture and post on social media with the tag #Look4ABook!

PJs and Pages

Get everything you need to have a perfect bedtime reading routine with your child!  PJs and Pages happens at select Laundry Love events. 


Sunhive Collective

LRW has an ongoing partnership with Sunhive Collective, with LRW onsite monthly to do reading events, and keeps the Hive's bookshelves stocked thanks to a grant from Oklahoma Literacy Coalition and Tinker Federal Credit Union.


Crossroads Head Start

LRW has an ongoing partnership with Cleveland County Crossroads Head Start programs to provide books for pre-schoolers.  Each student picks one book a week to build their own home library, with each child receiving about 40 books in total.  Head Start teachers encourage parents to read the book to their students each night until they get a new book.



#HolidayLook4ABook Adventure

In December 2021 and 2022, LRW traveled to Florida, and spread our love of reading and holiday cheer in parks along the way.  Follow along with us as we holiday hide again in 2023 at #HolidayLook4ABook


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